various branding efforts for small clients

About this project:

Freelance / 2015

  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing

Colors, forms, meaning

I’m drawn to brands and logos because they demonstrate how powerful it can be to get the right combination of form, imagery, and meaning. While freelancing in Lebanon, I had the chance to develop brands and logos for a few small brands, mostly for friends and family.


LEHHO is a new fashion brand from designer Shinhye Suk based in Seoul, South Korea. I designed a logo for their website, clothing tags, and marketing materials.

LEHHO logo on photo backdrop

Family Kingdom

Family Kingdom is a seaside resort in Freetown, Sierra Leone, who wanted to update their image. I designed a logo and other marketing assets for them.

Family Kingdom logo on flower image backdrop

Malaeb Real Estate Developers

I developed a logo and designed business cards for my uncles’ real estate development firm.

Malaeb Real Estate Developers logo in white on black background

Rana Saab

Rana Saab is an image consultant based in Dubai. I developed a logo and style guide for her marketing materials.

Mockup of business cards with Rana Saab branding

I designed a logo for Blink, a small pub in a small town north of Beirut. It was open for about a year, during which I created small Instagrammable flyer images.

Blink logo on a photographic backdrop