VIP Rescue

designing an app and dashboard for an insurance claim startup in Beirut

About this project:

Freelance / 2016

  • UX Design
  • Visual Design
  • Branding

Making accidents suck less

In 2016, I was approached by VIP Rescue to design their first app. VIP Rescue is a startup that was looking to disrupt the auto insurance industry in Lebanon by changing the way claims are handled.

Currently, for a driver who gets in an accident in Lebanon to file a claim, they must look up the number of a claims specialist in a printed book given to them by their insurance company. They must then call the specialist and arrange for them to come to the site of the accident and assess the situation in order to make decisions about liability. Oftentimes, the specialist that the customer calls is too far away or on another job, so the customer either has to wait a long time, or call a different specialist from the list.

After meeting with the founding partners to understand the landscape and the mission of the company, I worked with *.Technology to design the user experience for an app that would allow their customers to report claims easily form their phones—as easily as ordering an Uber. I then designed the admin interface for employees of the company to manage users.

Mobile app flow: end user

The onboarding experience for customers aims to make it very easy to connect the app to their existing insurance policy. The insurer already has the policy information in their system, including which cars and drivers are covered by it, and so it is imported with minimal data input from the user.

Reporting an accident is as easy as calling a Lyft or Uber: just push the button, and the app will find claims experts closest to your location. In the case of an injury, the app automatically alerts first responders with the precise location of the accident so that they can arrive as quickly as possible.

Mobile app flow: claims expert

Claims experts are able to indicate their availability with a toggle switch. When they receive notice that an accident has been reported in their vicinity, they have the option to accept. They then must go to the location of the accident before they can begin filing their report. This geolocation feature was designed in to help prevent insurance fraud, which is common with the current paper-based system.

The app guides the claims expert efficiently through the report process, allowing images from the accident site to be uploaded immediately.

Admin interface

The admin interface was designed with a series of modular components so that it could be adapted to the needs of different insurance companies, and for administrators with different functions and privileges.

As part of the work, I developed a front-end prototype. Click here for a demo.



The project involved 3 rounds of wireframing, testing, and refinement. I was also responsible for visual design, front-end CSS for the dashboard, and creating a design reference or style guide.

Initial wireframes of the user-facing app
Initial wireframes of the user-facing app
Initial wireframes of the driver-facing app
Initial wireframes of the driver-facing app
Initial wireframes of the admin interface
Initial wireframes of the admin interface