a desk made from reclaimed wood

About this project:

Self / 2011

  • Industrial Design
  • Furniture Design
  • Pro Bono

Office remodel? Opportunity!

In 2011, the RKS design studio was remodeled. This meant that the curvy 16-year-old 1.5” plywood desks at RKS were switched out for snazzy new rectilinear models.

I knew I wanted to take advantage of the available materials, and soon after found out from my friend Sara Boutine that she needed a desk to study for her acting classes.

Her starving drama student budget was a perfect match for my untested furniture-building skills.


Llama is designed to have character. It is a bit timid, but also inquisitive. Once it warms up to you, it’s quite friendly, and teeters on tip-toes, trying to balance the urge to follow you around with the reality of being a desk.

A hole that was once a pass-through for cables takes on new roles as a cupholder, pencil organizer, or grab-handle.