Nour Malaeb designs things


RKS / 2013

  • Industrial Design
  • Branding
  • Project Management

Touchscreen games are fun, but most games ported to touchscreen from consoles suffer from terrible on-screen controls. First-person shooters just don't work without physical controls. Wikipad sought to position itself as the best controller experience available on a touchscreen device.

RKS was tasked with the design of the tablet, controller, packaging, user interface, and brand—pretty much everything. I functioned as project manager on the controller redesign, interface design, and creating the brand platform and graphic assets, including product packaging and website. I also led the design effort for the interface, branding, and visual design language.

Wikipad is a concept built conceived as a paradox: a touchscreen device with physical controls. In creating a brand platform for Wikipad, we decided to embrace this paradox. The brand consists of a dark side and a light side; a gaming side and a business side; a playful side and a serious side.

Portable Ergonomics

As a portable gaming device, Wikipad had to be small enough to be easily carried and transported. However, ergonomics also dictated how small we could go; too small and the controller becomes fatiguing to use for extended gaming sessions.

Iterative Refinement

To arrive at the sculpted contours of Wikipad's ergonomic underbelly, we created several mockup iterations, each building on what was learned from its predecessor.

Unboxing Experience

In the age of YouTube unboxing ceremonies, the package is more than a box. We paid great attention to detail, going through several iterations and packaging configurations before arriving at a final design.

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